Construction of service stations across Finland, operating out of Tampere

The work of our company is based on the construction of service stations with turn-key service. We also take on service station contracting work across Finland - and abroad, including in the Baltic states – offering customer-specific, trustworthy service including everything from planning to finishing. This is an easy and convenient solution for customers that want to get started with their fuel distribution business as simply as possible. We can also take on certain subcontracts in a project.

We also manufacture products for service stations

We also manufacture various products for service stations. Our selection includes CE-certified steel structures (canopy) and CE-certified concrete basing for roofing as well as business signs, tanks, products for tank installation, sumps, pump islands, equipment areas and HDPE plastics, as well as many other products covering all phases of station construction.


In Finland, we supply OPW products, including Fibrelite sumps and composite covers, KPS liquid fuel piping and OPW connectors, pistols and vents.


Our tank department has provided liquid fuel tanks since 2001. The high-quality tanks are manufactured in one of Europe’s largest factories. The liquid fuel tanks are compliant with standards EN12285-1 and EN12285-2. The capacity of standard tanks can be up to 100m³ in accordance with the needs of the customer. Larger tanks are made as a special delivery.

HDPE plastic coating

We perform HDPE plastic coating professionally, even in demanding sites both in service station environments and elsewhere. Ask for more information on our services!

For industry

Tanks are also available for the various needs of industry. We also provide tanks and maintenance space composite covers for industry needs.

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When you are ready for the construction of a distribution station, installation company Asennusliike Lahtinen Oy, operating out of Tampere, Finland, is ready to serve you! Contact us and ask for more information, or tell us exactly how we can best serve you!