We updated our strategy and redesigned our visual identity

Asennusliike Lahtinen is Finland’s leading supplier of fuel storage and distribution solutions. We offer high-quality, sustainable and long-lasting utilities for the needs of our customers in distribution station construction or industrial use. We utilise latest technology in the industry and the best practices we have gained over many decades of experience.

We began operating in 1978 as a family business and the same values still drive us strongly on a daily basis. Quality, reliability, continuity and good cooperation are the core values ​​of our operations. Alongside experienced experts in the field, new forces and a fresh vision have emerged to continue the strong legacy. Our feet are firmly on the ground and our eyes are purposefully focused to the future: we are passionate about constantly developing familiar products and services for a better tomorrow.

Our product range has expanded with several new products, e.g. digital OPW surface monitoring system and OPW petrol pipes and connectors with advanced design. In addition to high quality, we consider sustainability in our products in many ways: solutions are built to be long-lasting and adaptable to changing needs. In addition, materials and structures take reusability, environmental friendliness, recyclability and safety into account.

Customer needs are at the core of our new strategy. We offer station construction services to our corporate customers as convenient, easy and reliable turnkey deliveries.  On behalf of our customer, we take care of the entire contracting process from planning and permits to installation and finishing of the site surroundings, if necessary. We tailor each project to the customer’s needs and wishes – partial deliveries are also available. We deliver storage and distribution solutions for fuels and gases for the needs of industry as well. In all our solutions, we take into account future development and change needs as well as the longest and most appropriate life cycle possible.

The new direction becomes concrete and bright with our new visual identity. Familiar elements remain in the logo but they are now renewed with modern shapes. The visual identity consists of an updated logo and stylised L-elements that can be modularly assembled into different entities. The overall look remains recognisable and blue but the shades of blue have been brightened and refreshed. Practical activities and a range of products and services are highlighted in the imagery. Our new visual identity communicates reliability, energy, strong competence and a pioneering spirit. It will initially appear on our renewed website and it will be applied gradually in all of our materials during 2020.

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Asennusliike Lahtinen’s van based on new visual identity.

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