Asennusliike Lahtinen has a long history as a supplier of fuel distribution station construction solutions. We offer high-quality, sustainable and versatile future solutions to business customers as a turnkey delivery or as services.

We use the latest technology and the most advanced working methods in the industry. High-quality materials guarantee a reliable and long-lasting solution. The stations built today will be in use for decades – therefore the structures and solutions must be of high quality, durable and adaptable to different needs.

Asennusliike Lahtinen offers contracting and solutions for the needs of electronic mobility. We are an operator independent of manufacturers of charging devices, we are able to supply a wide range of systems according to customer needs.

We have a family company background and the same values ​​are still cherished today – quality and continuity have been important to us from the beginning. Due to our long experience, we are able to handle even challenging deliveries as agreed and on schedule. Durable materials and high-quality solutions offer savings with maintenance costs. We take environmental friendliness into account in all our operations and always prefer using certified products.

We take responsibility for the whole project, so that the opening of a new fuel distribution station or production plant is as easy and convenient as possible. We take care of everything from planning to installation, as well as maintenance procedures. If necessary, we also help with regulatory approval processes.

Contact us and we will map your needs and offer a solution according to your wishes.



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